Simian Guide to Birdcage Scaffolds

About the module

An access birdcage scaffold consists of standards arranged at regular intervals in parallel lines, usually evenly spaced apart. These standards are laced together with ledgers and transoms at every lift to form a grid structure. The top lift, and often the perimeter bays of the intermediate lifts, are boarded to form access platforms for work on ceilings, soffits and walls, for example to fix lighting, ventilation or sprinklers. If the birdcage is to be used externally, or in an open structure exposed to the wind, it must be specially designed. A bespoke design is also required if the birdcage is to be used for purposes other than access, for example to prop a structure.

This module consists of 5 sections

  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Bracing
  • Bracing arrangements for tied or butted interior birdcage
  • Bracing arrangements for free-standing interior birdcage
Module summary
Cost: 1 credit Certificate: Certificate Exam length: 60 minutes Study method: Online
The modules will consist of presentations slides, some will have videos and animations as well. All modules will have a test paper. Mock exams will consist of 10 questions from the question banks and some questions may not be from the module you have taken. Exams will have 20 questions based on the subject of the presentation, you will have 2 attempts and we require an 80% pass.
Certification will be valid for five years. You will be required to upload a photo to be placed on your certificate. This module is theory and we recommend you undertake practical scaffold training as well.
Following the modules in the elearning package will give you further education in scaffolding and work at height and improve your knowledge of worldwide best practice. Please log on for further modules in the future. We will also email you when extra modules are added.